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Suggestions on the use on infusing tanning representatives, e.g. Melanotan


Due to the recent publicity and cautions regarding the threats of infusing melanotan the HSE has actually launched information and suggestions on the use on injecting tanning representatives, e.g. Melanotan.

What is Melanotan?

Melanotan is based on a medication (afamelanotide) which was created by the College of Arizona in 1981 to be made use of for photo protection against sun damages. This medication is presently undertaking clinical tests for use in individuals with details sun-sensitive skin conditions as well as is not available for general sale.

The medicine is chemically associated with the alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone (α-MSH) and also binds to receptors (melanocortin receptors) in human skin cells. This binding to the α-MSH receptor, which has a crucial function in identifying skin and also hair coloring, enhances manufacturing of melanin in the skin, leading to a ‘sun tan’.

Melanotan is an artificial analog of α-MSH and also is prohibited, untested as well as unregulated which is presently being sold online for self-administration. α-MSH is extremely vulnerable and requires a strenuous production atmosphere which can not be assured in unlicensed production labs. The item needs to additionally be saved in a fridge.

What is the distinction between Melanotan I and also Melanotan II?

Melanotan I specifically binds to receptors in charge of tanning and so has less negative effects. Nevertheless much more of it is needed for effect and also therefore it is a lot more pricey than Melanotan II.

Melanotan II binds to receptors besides those responsible for tanning and also consequently leads to even more side-effects.

What are the side-effects?

As this is an uncontrolled and untested medication the full variety of possible side-effects are unidentified. Increased libido, spontaneous erections, nausea or vomiting (with subsequent weight management), face flushing on administration, flu-like symptoms, and raised blood pressure have been reported.

Exactly how is Melanotan carried out?

Melanotan is administered subcutaneously by infusing into the fatty layer of cells around the stomach button area. Customers inject daily up until a wanted colour is achieved and after that continue to inject once or twice a week to keep the colour.

Some dimming of the skin might take place making use of the injection alone however the impacts are far more remarkable when made use of in addition to direct exposure to UV light (sunlight or tanning bed) 2-3 times a week initially and after that 1-2 times a week afterwards.

Just how is Melanotan readily available?

Products on the marketplace include:

  • A multi- dosage vial of 10, 20 or 30 dosages for subcutaneous shot.
  • A set of pre-filled syringes for subcutaneous injection.
  • A nasal spray.

Key concerns

Product pureness as well as content:

  • This is an unlicensed, unregulated item. This is a breakable medication which requires refrigeration.
  • Customers may unwilling to place the product in their family members refrigerator. If pre-filled syringes are positioned in the fridge this has ramifications in terms of accessibility of youngsters to syringes.

Unknown side-effects:

  • There are no professional tests readily available on the short and also long term results of using these items or if the dosages suggested by manufacturers are secure.
  • There is no test information offered on exactly how these items may connect with other drugs or their result on a coming kid.

Infusing equipment

  • Needles used to inject might also bring bodily liquids, which can hand down infections such as HIV as well as liver disease. Sometimes, there is an undersupply of needles by the on the internet vendors for the amount of administration needed, e.g. 1 needle supplied with a 10 dosage vial.
  • This could cause sharing and recycling of needles. There are records of clients using the same needle for a month and trying to sterilise after every usage.
  • A multi-dose vial produced in a non-rigorous manufacturing setting might not continue to be clean and sterile for the duration of its use e.g. a 30mg vial is designed to be used for 30 dosages which may extend a period of 10 weeks.
  • Some websites offer pre-filled syringes in which the item is currently re-constituted with bacteriostatic water, however there is no warranty that these pre-filled items will remain secure as well as sterile during distribution or for the life expectancy of their use.

Disposal of used sharps

There have been reports of needles being thrown away in home rubbish.

Increased direct exposure to UV rays

As the results of the tanning agents are extra remarkable when utilized combined with direct exposure to UV light (by natural sunlight or by tanning beds) use the representatives might raise UV direct exposure with all the enhancement threats associated such as raised danger of skin cancer cells, skin ageing, and so on

Damage reduction actions

  • Discuss to individuals regarding the risks related to injectable tanning products.
  • Highlight the threats connected with boosted UV direct exposure (the unwell impacts of tanning still take place even in clients that have a deep tan). Clients can speak to the Irish Cancer Culture if they have issues concerning skin cancer cells on the cancer helpline 1800 200 700 or
  • Motivate users to quit utilizing, and to seek clinical guidance if needed.

If using

Clean infusing devices:

  • Encourage that they utilize a clean needle each time and get rid of needles in a sharps container. The needles offered in the infusing pack offered in drug stores joining the Drug store Needle Exchange Program are developed like a diabetic needle and are suitable for subcutaneous shot.
  • Recommend customers on the risk of blood birthed illness and also offer recommendations on whom to contact if the client is concerned that they might have subjected themselves to a blood borne illness by sharing needles.
  • A checklist of drug stores participating in your area is available through the Drugs helpline 1800 459 459.

Safe disposal.

The pack likewise has a tiny sharps container for utilized sharps. Pharmacies will accept used sharps if returned in the sharps container.

Impurity and also instability of item.

  • The quantity of product in the vial might differ considerably, may be infected with microorganisms or various other chemicals.
  • Check the vial prior to use and do not utilize if blemished or if bits visible.
  • It should be saved in the fridge.
  • All drugs must be kept out of the reach of children which may be difficult in a refrigerator.


  • Suggest that side-effects are unknown, and the doses being used might not be secure.
  • Impacts of the medication on an expected kid are unidentified.
  • Impacts when taken with various other medications are unknown.


Melanotan in WikiPedia

Melanotan II is a synthetic analogue of the peptide hormone α-melanocyte-stimulating hormone (α-MSH) that stimulates melanogenesis and increases sexual arousal.

It was under development as drug candidate for female sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunction but clinical development ceased by 2003, and as of 2018, no product containing melanotan II was marketed and all commercial development had ceased.

Unlicensed, untested, or fraudulent products sold as “melanotan II” are found on the Internet, and purported to be effective as “tanning drugs”, though side effects such as uneven pigmentation (it makes already uneven pigmentation more noticeable), new nevi (moles), and darkening or enlargement of existing moles have been reported and have led to medical authorities discouraging its use. There has been no scientific study into the long term and permanent side effects the use of this peptide may cause. Products:

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