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Keeping the Perfect Tan

Keeping the Perfect Tan

Looks are very important in today’s world. Social media, contemporary culture, film and television all put a heavy emphasis on beauty and how vital it is to look good. One way that most people can improve the way they look is by looking after their skin and for those with a paler body, this means getting and keeping the perfect tan. If you love a deep bronze glow on your body, here is how to achieve your beauty ideal whether it is summer, winter or any time between:

How to Tan

Tanning in the suns frowned upon these days, because of the dangers offered by UVB rays emitted by the sun. UVA rays, also emitted by the sun, are also dangerous, but because they can see and felt – they cause the heat and light that we see and feel when lying in the sun. They are not as harmful as UVB rays which cause their damage invisibly, the results only showing later as wrinkles or liver spots cover our beauty.
Before the awareness of the damage that the summer sun could cause, getting a suntan was often a matter of smothering one’s body in oil, lying out in the full heat of the day, and waiting to burn.
This is now known to be dreadfully harmful: applying oil simply worsens any damage caused, and the above-mentioned harmful rays can cause issues even decades after the burning. This damage can affect your natural beauty, causing wrinkles, sun spots, and blemishes.

Tanning the Summer

When it comes to tanning in summer, it is definitely better to avoid the sun and fake it instead! Fake tanning used to be the butt of many jokes, because of the frequent poor results: the bad smell, the stains on hands and in hairlines – even on bed sheets – and streaks when the fake tanning lotion was not applied evenly. And even the dreadful orange colour that old-fashioned fake tanning lotions used to cause, all gave fake tans a bad name!
Modern tanning lotion and oil products are a different story. Not only do they impart a beautiful bronze glow to your skin, but they moisturize it too.
Applying the oil or lotion is easier than ever too, with the previously colourless creams now tinted a faint purple until they have absorbed into the skin.
So you can see exactly where you have a good application, where there is a build-up, or avoid so you can ensure smooth and even coverage to enhance the glow of your body to your complete satisfaction, giving you the bronze summer look you love.

Using Fake Tanning Lotion the Right Way

First of all, prepare your skin, just as an artist would prepare their canvas before starting to paint! Exfoliation refers to the act of scrubbing off the dead skin cells that can sometimes sit on the surface of your skin. These may still be loosely attached to your face or limbs.
Your whole body – and if you try applying your suntan product over these dead patches. You will end up with a lumpy or patchy looking tan.
Also, regular exfoliation stimulates circulation to your skin, giving it a healthy glow. Keeping it softer and youthful-looking for longer. It also helps your moisturizer to work more effectively. Allowing the hydrating ingredients to sink straight into where it will do the most good.
You can exfoliate anywhere, but doing it in the shower is especially effective as the shower water washes away the dead cells. And allows you to see and feel the difference immediately. Use a special exfoliation glove or scrubber to be sure that you do not abrade your epidermis too harshly. And apply a moisturizing lotion or sunscreen immediately after getting out of the shower.
While you are still damp so the active ingredients can bed in and get to work straight away. Reapply your sunscreen at several intervals during the day, especially if you are sweating a lot, have a shower after a full body work out. Or getting in and out of a swimming pool or the sea – where the water will wash off any sunscreen product, rendering it ineffective.

Fake tan, Oils and Creams

It is only after you have used a moisturizing cream. That you should use your fake tan oil, gel, or cream. Rub on the suntan cream in long even strokes. Making sure you watch to ensure that the application is even before the product soaks in and the purple colour fades.
Give it plenty of time to develop before adding any more. Perhaps even give it a day to reveal its full bronze beauty to you! If you want a deep tan, use the same process.
Adding layers over time instead of putting on a lot all at once. If you can, shower and lightly exfoliate before each application. So the water can rinse off any detritus of daily life. And give the suntan product its best chance of it working. This will give your tan a natural appearance that will make you very happy, indeed.

How to Maintain Your Tan for Longer

Once you have achieved the bronze shimmer that you desire, maintain your beauty by looking after your body. Getting to bed at a decent hour, drinking plenty of water and eating right. As well as following a good skincare regimen will help tremendously. Moisturizing regularly will ensure that your beauty maintained through eradicating wrinkles and lines. As will drinking plenty of water which keeps your dermal cells plump and firm.
Getting the summer glow that you love will not only enhance your looks, giving you a beautiful and healthy appearance. But you will feel more confident and ready to take on the world.

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