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Research studies have looked into PT 141 for its treatment for sexual dysfunction disorders. Such as erectile dysfunction in men and female sexual arousal disorders.

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PT 141 and  Tanning

PT 141 peptide is a popular and effective tanning product. Its result is that it can be used by most people who have mild or moderate skin pigmentation problems because it can cover up dark spots and lessen their appearance.

PT141 works by controlling melanin, the pigment that causes melanin in the skin to produce dark pigmentation. This melanin is secreted by the pigment cells in the skin.

However, pt141 also comes from the sebaceous glands, which are located on the back of the upper and lower lip. It is also secreted by the skin when it is exposed to sunlight. When melanin has been produced, it will darken the skin colour of the body.

The key to doing away with this darker pigmentation is to control melanin production. When melatonin is produced, it allows the melanin to be released more slowly. Pt 141 peptide is a form of melanotan2 which stimulates melanin production to stop the onset of hyperpigmentation.

PT 141 and sexual desire

Pt 141 Bremelanotide peptide has also been used to treat female sexual dysfunction and male erectile dysfunction. There are several studies showing pt 141 bremelanotide could be helpful concerning your sexual desire.

Research has shown P141 Bremelanotide 10mg has shown in studies it can increase blood flow to the penis and seminal vesicles, which helps ejaculation release more semen and improve stamina and arousal.

Pt 141 10mg peptide could increase the production of ‘Ketolone’, which is an amino acid that enhances sensitivity, it may help you feel more satisfied during sex.


Molar mass: 1,025.2 g/mol
Molecular formula C50H68N14O10


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