Before and After Results of Melanotan

Albert, Poland

I started to take Melanotan injections a few months ago. As you can see the colour of my skin is tanning iv also lost weight and toned up!

Amanda, USA

I do modelling as my career, and for the summer months, I needed a glowy tan for different shoots. Fantan looks awful as it goes patchy, but Melanotan nasal spray doesn't! It's given me a tan quickly and evenly all over. I didn't want to inject and seeing you have nasal sprays makes it so much easier for me.

Catherine, UK

Due to my natural hair and skin colour, I am naturally really pale, and I burn easily. I wanted to go travelling, but I was so worried about burning and not being able to enjoy myself in the sun, as in the past I burn even in the UK. I heard about Melanotan online and found this website. So glad I have as iv been taking the injections for a few months, my skin can cope with the sun much better without burning, and I'm able to achieve a healthy tan! My hair has also naturally darkened, and my body had toned up a lot alongside my gym work. Pleased!!

Paul, Germany

I love Melanotan nasal spray. Easy to use! Glad I started to use Melanotan 2 as I can hold a tan when I come home to Germany after holiday my tangoes. But with Melanotan, I can tan darker, and it lasts a long time.

Jacob, Canada

Only positive experience which this company. The most professional sunbed technicians I ever met in my 6 years experience with mel. Have had nothing but positive experiences with this company they helped us out hugely when first setting up our salon. Due to having a bad experience with another company, these guys enabled me to get the best tan with melanotan1. I have used them ever since with no problems when buying products would highly recommend!

Molly, Sweden

I suffer from pigmentation and red marks on my legs because they are so pale. I started taking Melanotan, and I instantly noticed results. I'm on my third month of injections; the afterglow is excellent! It doesn't fade in one go, no patches, no streaks, no bad smell. It looks like I've been on holiday when I use it. I've never known a tan like it. The bundles they do on their website are fantastic value for money! ​


Henry, Austrialia

Great products, excellent delivery. Brought my Melanotan on the website - goods arrived the very next day. Not the cheapest but great in sales and products work for me. Happy to recommend.